What is Hi…Creativity LTD?


Hi…Creativity LTD is a Creative/Community Company. Right now, I am riding solo (Jay “JuJu Man” St Paul) however, I do work with/for other creative networks like I Am Hip-Hop Magazine. I am multi-creative at heart and as such I do what I can creatively do. The aim is to work with as many creatives as possible, and create a reliable network to provide services to whomever needs it. Right now, I sell my images on merchandise to fund the growth of Hi…Creativity and also donate to charities such as No Bounds. As Hi…Creativity LTD grows I want to work with and donate at least 10% (for now) of profits to other charities that resonate with the direction Hi…Creativity LTD aims to go in. 

Regarding Prices, Sizes & Colours.​



We offer all sizes that Printful offer this includes 2XL up to 5XL. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to offer this option not all products go up to 5XL. Going forward this is something we are looking to provide when possible.




Any sizes above XL go up in costs as they cost more to produce. Same applies to posters and stickers, the larger the size the more they cost.




Similar to the availability of certain sizes not all colours are available the larger the item. This is down to the suppliers who Printful use, we will look at other options in the future.

Free Shipping

To qualify for free shipping, you need to spend over £70 (GDP) for orders delivered in the Europe and the USA. For instance, if you purchase a Hoodie (£40) and a T-Shirt (£30) without a discount (if/when they are available). They come up to £70 in total and you get free shipping.


The gateway for free shipping in Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world minus the EFTA* is £100 (GDP). EFTA free shipping is activated once you have spent over £120 (GDP)


Also, please note that you are responsible for any custom taxes when items are shipped internationally. As we grow, we will look to reduce or absorb the costs of general shipping for Europe, USA, Canada & Japan.

* The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is an intergovernmental organisation set up for the promotion of free trade and economic integration to the benefit of its four Member States – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – and the benefit of their trading partners around the globe.

Are you available to hire for Graphic Design work such as LOGO or Branding?


Yes, is the long and short of this question. What I will say is this, I have designed logos, album covers and other displays for companies I have worked for. If you’d like to have a discussion around my services and pricing, I would suggest sending me an email or contacting me via your preferred social media and DM (Direct Message) me. 


What if we want to use your images?


Contact me and directly via email or click on the Social Media Links and DM (Direct Message) me. I am more than happy to work something out but I would like to know more on how my images will be used.


Why don’t you offer Buyers’ Remorse or Refunds for wrong Sizes?


We’re a new and growing company. Unfortunately, at this stage, this is not something that we can provide.


Who provides your fulfilment?


Our provider is Printful so please visit their shipping page to familiarise yourself with delivery times. Also visit our policies page as we are very much in-line with theirs.


Do you offer Bespoke Services?


Of course. I am more than happy to put together something for your individual needs. Please contact me by email or by DM (Direct Message).

Do you sponsor?


Not at this current time…but something we really want to do going forward. Real talk there are some serious brilliant creatives that provide for nothing but a Like, Subscribe or Comment!

Why are some of the images you have posted not available to buy?


We will! Watch this space for updates on upcoming images and designs.


If you're still interested in anything on the site or social media and willing to pay a bit more for an exclusive/limited item, then contact us via email or social media and we can discuss prices.

Are other colour options available for your images/designs?


Yes, they can be. I am happy to take requests for colour variations of my current designs that are available. Going forward we will be adding a customer requests section in the Shop. We will also tag/mention you on the new colour design if your happy for us to do so. As time goes on we are looking into developing a loyalty scheme 


For any other information feel free to reach out via Social Media or Email.