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Prices, Sizes & Colours.​

Sizes We offer all sizes that Printful offers, this includes 2XL up to 5XL. As long as the sizes are available we can supply them. Prices Include shipping and VAT. Colours Similar to the availability of certain sizes, not all colours are available for the certain items. This is down to our suppliers Printful, we will look into other options in the future.

Free International Shipping

For all Hi...Creativity Clothing, Merchandise, & Art international shipping is included in the price but please note that you are responsible for any potential custom taxes when items are shipped. With our partner based products unless otherwise stated or advertised you will be required to pay a shipping cost. All shipping costs will be added during the order process.

What if we want to use your images?

Contact me and directly via email or click on the Social Media Links and DM (Direct Message) me. I am more than happy to work something out but I would like to know more on how my images will be used.

Why don’t you offer Buyers’ Remorse or Refunds for wrong Sizes?

We’re a new and growing company. Unfortunately, at this stage, this is not something that we can provide. However if there are any damages or print issues take a photo from the time you have opened the package and we will send a new one out.

Who provides your fulfilment?

Our provider is Printful so please visit their shipping page to familiarise yourself with delivery times. Also visit our policies page as we are very much in-line with theirs. Everything is made to order and we hold no stock at present. However because of this we can offer bespoke services

Bespoke Services

We offer bespoke services and options. As of right now we are selling t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, posters, canvases, postcards, & throw pillows. If you are looking for other items of clothing with designs on them then these can be provided. With colours of our items including the images these can be tailored for you. Items will cost nothing extra but recolouring the art work costs from £20. What if you want to change the sleeve art or change the location images are placed? These changes start at £50 and will increase depending on the changes needed. Canvases and Posters can be provided with different colour backgrounds, these changes start from £20. We can also provide canvas and posters without the text and just the image and resize the images as well. Costs for these changes start from £50. We are very flexible and want you to purchase something that expresses who you are. Use the contact us form, reach out via email or social media and we can have the discussion.

Are you available for Graphic Design work?

Yes & No. Depending on what you need and the turnaround time required will depend if we can be of service. As we are running this site, podcasts, working with partners on carios projects, plus writing a fantasy story. We can not honestly guarantee we can assist you with your graphic needs. However please contact us with a detailed brief and we can have the conversation.

Important Information About Payments

Other Payment Methods. It takes 5 working days for the Wix Payment Process to clear funds. Once they have cleared we can place your order. PayPal As we are a start-up PayPal has security measures put in place to product you the customer and us the business. What this means is that if you choose to pay through PayPal the payment may be held until you receive the product. As everything on our site is made to order through Printful the order can not be processed until the funds clear. Contradictory right? So, if the funds do get held this is what follows for the funds to clear. You will get an email through PayPal once on my end I have confirmed that there is not a tracking number. Please rest assured that you will get a tracking number as soon as the funds have cleared and Printful has your order. It can take up to 2 business days for the confirmation of receipt of the goods to arrive in your PayPal notifications. Accept that you have the order and then the funds will be released. As soon as this happens we place your order through Printful and you will get the email notification plus tracking number. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and slight delay in delivery times. As mentioned we have just started out and as we grow these issues will be a thing of the past.


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