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Learn more about Hi...Creativity & what we are trying to achieve.

Welcome to
Hi…Creativity LTD.

My Name is Jay “Uncle JuJu” St Paul and I created Hi…Creativity with the sole purpose to be a creative umbrella platform. Not just for myself but other creatives. 

We also produce Clothing | Merchandise | Art | & a Variety of Media.


Hi...Creativity is a Creative Company with a twist. My aim is to build a Creative Umbrella Platform to help creatives Build Their Own. How? By leading by example. Over the years many creatives suffered including ourselves because we try to go at it alone for the most part. This is why we are so passionate to build a solid creative community. 

I plan on creating an umbrella platform by supporting creatives, creative communities & create a network of creative individuals. Creatives can collaborate together or work solo. Why? So, we could grow & learn together and create something we have full creative control over.

Hi...Creativity as a creative umbrella platform will give many that independent freedom they seek. It is also designed to give creatives the exposure they need to survive & thrive. How? As we support each other, use our networks and connections to help each other grow. Creativity is one of the most powerful free tools we have at our disposal. I want to create a platform for as many creatives to grow, develop, express & be themselves. 


Finally, if you are supporting by purchasing, an official affiliate, or just a fan of what we produce and do. 


From the bottom of my, heart, & soul




& All that Good Stuff.