Hi and welcome to the Hi…Creativity LTD.


Our - Mission Statement

"Creating tailored creative solutions for our clients & building a Creative Umbrella Platform that aims to help creatives build their own."


My Name is Jay “JuJu” St Paul and I created Hi…Creativity with the sole purpose to be a creative platform. Not just for myself but other creatives. 


When I was 13 (which was a min ago) I was an aspiring artist/designer and Hip-Hop artist. As the years went on it became harder to break into the industry. I met a lot of like-minded souls who had crazy talent but no platform to launch from. There were a few who did manage to get somewhere with their talents but couldn't sustain the momentum or were used and abused. 


This led my thought process towards creating a platform to support creative communities and create a network of creative individuals who could collaborate together or work solo. Why? So, we could grow and learn together and create something we have full creative control over.


When I was fleshing out this idea, I thought what if Hi…Creativity partnered with other creatives? Operating like any other company but encouraging creatives and entrepreneurs to have their own business or registered limited company. This would give people the means to stay with Hi...Creativity or take flight. However, the resources that Hi…Creativity provides will still be there for them. 


I truly believe the Hi...Creativity platform will give many that independent freedom they seek. It is also designed to give creatives the exposure they need to survive and thrive. How? As we support each other, use our networks and connections to help each other grow. 


The other side of Hi…Creativity LTD is designed for the fans, the supporters, followers, and the everything else in-between. Creating an environment where the consumers are just as much at the focal point as the creatives.


Using social media platforms for the creatives and consumers to be in touch with one another. Also working with the like-minded individuals as affiliates. Why? Because I believe if you truly believe in what we are doing then why not give back? 


Let me be really clear about how I describe a creative. A creative is anyone who thinks outside of the box and develops new and inventive ways on how to achieve or deliver things. A creative is someone who is passionate with their interests and skills. Creativity has no limit! It is one of the most powerful free tools we have at our disposal. I want to create a platform for all creatives to grow, develop and be themselves, that is one of the major things Hi…Creativity aims to do.


Finally, if you are supporting by purchasing, an official affiliate, being a day one, or just a fan of what I/we produce and do. From the bottom of my mind, heart, and soul THANK YOU!




& All that Good Stuff.